About us


Living Words would not be what it is and where it is today if not for the help from our incredible college students. Each became interested in the program for various reasons and left their own unique and important stamp on it.  You will see many of their names as authors on writing exercises. Most volunteered their time leading Living Words writers groups, thereby making an impact on more than 200 older adults in Upstate SC from 2008-2013. A special thank you to Wofford College’s Success Initiative (now called “The Space: Impact”) that has allowed many of the students below (marked “SI”) the opportunity to work on Living Words.

(Photo by Mark Olencki)

Jennifer Coggins (SI)
Lauren Holland  (SI)
Martha DeBerry  (SI)
Suiter Coxe
Marie Hewes, Caroline Liddy, Emily Loeber, Aften Blackwell, and Taylor Fenig
Luke Christie  and Marta Kowitz  (Furman University)
Hannah Jarrett
Reagan Styles and Anne Stuart Mitchener
Erin Burnett and Tara Gough
Emily Groce (SI)


By Living Words Program

We provide support for a free, fun, easy to modify, ready-made program for any individual or groups that want to use creative writing for mental exercise!

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