Fiction Writing exercises

Basket of stuff

Created by Kimberly Ward, Community Healing Arts Program Coordinator, Spartanburg SC (July 9th, 2009)
Use a basket or bowl to gather some random items from your home. OR take a look at the picture below of a basket of random items. Possible items include: a model car, paintbrush, candy, dice, playing card, cow bell, a smile sticker, small teddy bear, and a comic book.


Choose a random trinket that you find interesting. Take the item in your hand and think about a story relating to the item. It can be a memory or a fictional story. It can be happy, sad, funny, even quirky. If the object spoke to you, what would it tell you?

By Living Words Program

We provide support for a free, fun, easy to modify, ready-made program for any individual or groups that want to use creative writing for mental exercise!

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