What is Living Words?

Living Words is creative writing for fun mental exercise!

It is NOT the writing you did in school – no grades, no critique – instead it’s just writing for fun. Now you are thinking, BUT… … “Writing isn’t FUN.” or “I never liked to write.” or “Writing is so hard.”. Trust us…this is a great activity. Have you ever heard “the hard is what makes life good”? Or consider this – are you REALLY exercising when it isn’t hard (your pulse isn’t raised or breathing is a bit heavier)? Our goal is to CHALLENGE YOUR MIND to think in new and different ways each time you try one of our writing exercises! We challenge to you write in many different genres!

Writing exercises can be done alone or in groups. It’s a perfect program for residential facilities, social groups or church groups. Why not get your book reading club to meet an extra time to do some writing of your own and then share what you have written with each other?

The GOAL is to write for MENTAL EXERCISE so the end product is not importantthe process is. Since the goal is not to become a better writer, there is no critique or feedback to improve your writing. Instead writing in lots of different genres will challenge you to think in new ways each time. Just like if you only exercised one part of your body, only that part would become stronger. Your brain needs to be challenged in a variety of ways too!

And, always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions either in comments or at livingwordsprogram@wofford.edu. Thanks for visiting our site!!

We hope you give it a try. Let us know what you think of our writing exercises!

Want to learn more about Living Words?
Check out this video made by the Riley Institute about Living Words!

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