Get started

OK so do we have you interested in doing this? Do you want to know how to get started?

Here’s what you are going to do…
1. Choose a writing exercise
2. Write “on-the-spot”
3. Share what you have written!

So, let me explain…
1. We have (or will!) provide writing exercises in as many genres as possible. Choose ANY writing exercise. You may want to start off with an exercise that you feel comfortable with. For many people the autobiographical writing exercises are great ones to start with since the information that you will write about comes to mind so easily. Others like a challenge from the beginning. If you’ve never written poetry it can be scary to try, but those are sometimes the most rewarding. You will surprise yourself with what you are able to come up with!

2. Writing “on-the-spot” means that you are not taking the time to contemplate what you will write. No outlines. No planning. Just force out the words onto the paper! This is really hard for most people to do. School trained most people to be perfectionists. Instead let go of that mentality that you will be graded and just see what flows out. Give yourself only 15 to 30 minutes to write. If you love what you have done, then you can go back and write more at a later time.

3. There are many ways to share your writing. You can share it with us in the comments for that writing exercise. You can share it with a friend or family member. Or don’t share it at all! Some exercises are just not going to click for you and you will not be interested in reviewing what you have created. That exercise is behind you and you can leave it there. However, many times, this part of the exercise allows you to think in a different way about the writing exercise and how you responded to it. Hearing others’ responses also does this. The goal is to THINK in a variety of ways so don’t forget about this important step!

Check out the “get started” posts to learn more!
Questions to ask yourself

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