Can Living Words work for me? YES!

Living Words can work for everyone. While we believe the individuals can benefit most from the Living Words in a group setting conducted by a rotating host of writers, we acknowledge that this may not be possible for everyone. So, there is content on the website that can be adjusted to fit anyone’s situation.

We are committed to offering strategies to fit Living Words to your own situation. Creative writing has the potential to benefit everyone. We hope that you will engage in many forms of creative writing, have lots of fun, be creative, reminisce, develop a habit of writing, and, in general, make your life a little better.

Get started

Questions to ask yourself to get started


Who will be writing? You, by yourself? A group? If a group, how will you find people to join?

Where will you write? What location would be good for writing (e.g. is it quiet?; have a table?)?

When will you be writing? How often? What day? What time?

WHAT (do you need)?
What supplies do you need to gather? Do you want to write with pen and paper or on a computer? In a composition book (like school) or a special notebook? In multiple files on the computer or in one folder?

HOW (to do it)?
Which writing activities (link) do you want to try? Are you willing to try different genres of writing?