Fiction Writing exercises

Writing Exercise: A picture is worth a thousand words (aka Fictional postcard)

Created by Taylor Fenig (Wofford ’12)

Icebreaker (to get the writing juices flowing)

Describe a vacation. Describe the best trip you have ever been on. Or describe the trip that you always wanted to take. Answer the Where? When? What (did you do)? Who (are you with)? questions. Most important… Why is it “the best” vacation for you?

Writing exercise

Choose a picture from a location that you’ve never been to before. Choose from one of the images below or one you find from a magazine or the internet. Imagine this picture is the front of a postcard from the location where you are on vacation right NOW. Close your eyes and picture yourself there. What would you be doing? Why are you there? What time of year is it? Who are you with or who are you not with (alone)? Write a postcard note to a real or imaginary person from this place that answers those questions.


We love to do this exercise on damp and dreary days! Dream! Picture yourself doing all sorts of amazing things. Enjoy and please tell us about your pretend journey in the comments below.